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The when and the why you should you have your chimney cleaned:
For safety, a fireplace chimney or wood burning stove should be inspected yearly and cleaned after every 1 – 2 cords of wood burned. Pellet stove should also and inspected yearly and have the soot buildup cleaned. Before we sweep your chimney we do a visual check to be sure that your chimney is in need of a cleaning, a chimney or flue with more than a 1/8 of an inch of creosote or soot buildup needs cleaned. Creosote is a corrosive and combustible substance that is the by-products of burning wood and the buildup of creosote is the major cause of chimney fires.

Our Process:
Whempys cleaning process leaves your home soot and dust free. We put down drop cloths, cover the fireplace and use a high powered vacuum to keep any mess contained to our equipment. Using a special wire or poly chimney brush on 5’ long flexible pole we clean your chimney from the inside, bottom to top to ensure the dust is contained. We brush the firebox build-up, and our vacuum catches all the freed creosote and debris.

Our chimney cleaning service include a full visual inspection of the fireplace, firebox, chimney, damper and liner. If warranted, we run a camera inside your chimney to identify possible problems seen in the visual inspection. If we find any issues or potential problems during the cleaning or the inspection, we will provide you with information on how it can be remedied.
Whempys never use chemicals when cleaning a chimney; we use special equipment and take extra care to keep soot, creosote and debris from entering your home.

Chimney caps and screens:
Have problems with birds or animals in your chimney? Our chimney sweeps can measure and install protective chimney caps and screens to help keep the critters out.

Tip: burn only well-seasoned wood. Unseasoned wood causes creosote to build up faster.

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