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Whempys owner got his start selling firewood.
“I figured I was responsible for a lot of those dirty chimneys” says owner Dave Reed, explaining why he started Whempys. Many successful businesses start from humble beginnings, and Whempys Chimney Sweeps is a shining example of this fact.
In the fall of 1979, Dave Reed was working in a factory and decided to haul firewood to make extra money. His venture was profitable, but he desired a challenge. Believing there was potential in chimney sweeping, Dave included it as one of their services.
Business boomed and Dave soon left the factory to pursue his challenge full time. “Where else can you get dirty and have fun doing it?” Dave laughs. Columbus residents have become familiar with the Whempys trademark that truck with its own shingled roof and chimney. Dave needed something to cover and protect the equipment and the roof seemed practical and cute. Now it’s the logo of Whempys.
Many people also wonder where the name “Whempy” came from. Dave’s wife, Kathleen, saw the truck and told Dave it looked “too whimpy to carry a ton of wood.” The name stuck.
Whempys has gone through many changes since its debut in 1979. Dave added several partners and many employees as the business grew. In 1983 Whempys added ductwork cleaning to its list of services in response to customer concern over Legionnaire’s Disease (Legionnaire’s Disease has been traced to dust mites) bacteria and fungus that can grow in improperly maintained ventilation systems.
The entire operation has been computerized, and that makes day to day business easier and more efficient. Dave has become well known for his expertise in chimney sweeping and has been asked to train new sweeps all around Ohio.