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4.3 stars | 138 reviews
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Chimney Inspections
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Meticulous Chimney Inspections

Every home and chimney is different, so Whempys Chimney Services ensures that each inspection is thorough and fit for you. We inspect the interior and exterior, look at all the other parts throughout, and provide a detailed written inspection note, so you know exactly what we've found.

Why Inspect Chimneys

Chimneys can have issues that grow over time, putting the chimney and your home at risk. Finding and fixing chimney damage early saves money in the long term and reduces the risk of chimney fires.
Chimneys are also typically inspected when:

Buying or selling a home

The chimney or fireplace doesn’t appear to be working properly

There are visible cracks or damage on the chimney

An inspection hasn’t been done in many years

Our Chimney Inspections

Whempys Chimney Services offers two different levels of inspections to fit your needs and situation.

 Level 1 Inspection ($95)

A level 1 inspection is recommended when a chimney system has been annually swept and inspected and has not had any significant changes or issues. This is a great way to ensure your chimney doesn't have any emerging issues and is ready for the following winter.

Level 2 Inspection ($199.95 + tax)

Level 2 inspections are recommended if a chimney has been changed or damaged. It is also recommended when buying a home. A level 2 inspection includes everything a level 1 includes, with the addition of a camera and an added chimney cleaning. The camera gives our technicians a close look at the entire inside of the chimney, which helps find even minor problems.

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