A chimney that has received residential chimney cleaning in Columbus, OH

Residential Chimney Cleaning Services in Columbus, OH

Chimney Inspection level 1

 A level 1 inspection is recommended when a chimney system has been annually swept and inspected and has not had any major changes or issues.

Chimney Inspection level 2 (Camera)

Level 2 inspections are recommended if a chimney has been changed or damaged. It is also recommended when buying a home. A level 2 inspection includes everything a level 1 includes, the use of a camera, and a chimney cleaning.

Chimney cleaning

Our Chimney cleaning includes a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your chimney and fireplace. We use the "bottom up" cleaning method which means we won't need to get up on your roof. Another benefit of the bottom up cleaning is that we can see what is coming out of the chimney as we go.

Air duct cleaning

Our air duct cleaning is done with our truck mounted vacuum. It will be backed into your drive. After determining the best route from truck to furnace a 10" diameter hose will be connected. We use a hand held blower at each register and return (we start at the furthest from the furnace) to blow all the dust and debris back toward the furnace, where it will be pulled through our hoses and into our truck.

Refresh Gas Logs

Includes removing and replacing all of the old sand, vermiculite, and glowing embers. Then cleaning and arranging logs to give you the best heat distribution.

Stove Cleaning

Wood stove cleanings are similar to fireplace cleaning but involves a bit more. Depending on the type of stove, the pipe may need pulled out of the firebox if it is an insert without a direct connection liner. If it is a freestanding stove, the pipe may need disconnected or may need swept from the top down. Either way we will thoroughly sweep the flue liner, clean out any excess build up on the cap, sweep out the smoke shelf, and clean inside the firebox.

When inspecting a wood stove we make sure the flue lining and cap are fully intact and the firebox doesn't have any broken firebrick or cracks in the metal. We'll also check for proper clearances from flammable materials.

Power wash and Water seal

Power washing removes mildew and other unsightly materials on your chimney. It also helps open up the porous material in your chimney so that it better absorbs the sealant. Water sealing will help protect the porous material used to build chimneys from absorbing water, which can freeze, expand, and deteriorate over time.
If you see a white powdery substance on your chimney, it is caused by water penetrating the brick. The white powder is lime and salts from the mortar being pushed out by pressure and water vapor evaporating out of the chimney.